Booker Prize 2022 Winner Is Tomb Of Sand By Geetanjali Shree, Translated By Daisy Rockwell

Booker Prize 2022: International Booker Prize 2022 has been won by Indian author Gitanjali Shree for her novel “Sand of Sand” and translated by Daisy Rockwell in the fiction category. Tomb of Sand is the first book written in any Indian language to win the International Booker Prize, and the first novel translated from Hindi to be recognized by the International Booker Prize. The novel is an immediate but compelling protest against the devastating impact of borders, whether between religions, countries or genders. Translated by Daisy Rockwell.

Sand Tomb by Booker Prize 2022 winner Gitanjali Shree, translated by Daisy Rockwell

International Booker Prize 2022
International Booker Prize 2022

the story of the tomb of the sand novel

The story of the novel Tomb narrates the life of an 80-year-old woman, set in North India. The novel tells of windfall gains and the character’s highly conventional lease of life. Sand’s Tomb Book is extremely engaging, witty and utterly original.

Novels shortlisted for the Booker Prize 2022

  • Heaven
  • Elena knows
  • A new name: Septology VI-VII
  • sand tomb
  • the books of jacob
  • cursed bunny

What does Geetanjali say about her book?

It’s not just about me, person. I represent one language and culture and this belief brings the entire world of Hindi literature and Indian literature as a whole to a wider spectrum.

Gitanjali Shree, author of Sando’s Tomb

What the judges say about Sand Tomb

It is a dazzling novel of India and Partition, but one whose charm and fiery compassion weaves youth and age, man and woman, family and nation into a kaleidoscope

Frank Wynne, Chairman of the Judges

Geetanjali Shree Biography and Important Facts

Name Geetanjali Shree
Business Author
nationality Indian
city New Delhi
age 64 years (born in 1957)
born in the state Manipur
Other Books Mai: A Novel, The Roof Under His Feet, Empty Space

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