Genshin Impact Redeem Code 2022 New list 2.6 Codes Generator

Jenshin Impact Redeem Code 2022 New List is discussed here. Genshin Game 2.6 Code Generator, check out reward codes online for free gifts. Genshin Impact is an Action Role Playing game. The game is developed by miHoyo. miHoyo is a Chinese developer that works in the field of mobile games. Genshine Impact 2.6 Code Generator – The game is an open world game. The game is based on anime characters who fight with each other.

Jenshin Impact Redeem Code 2022

All the fans of the game who are currently playing this game want to know about the codes of the game and how to redeem them. In this article, we are going to discuss what are the codes used in games and how to redeem them in games.

The game has been launched in September 2020. The game was first launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS. After about 7 months in April 2021, the Genshin Impact game was introduced for the PlayStation 5. After the release of the game, it has received positive response from fans.

Jenshin Impact Redeem Code List 2022

Every fan loved the game’s graphics, action and story. It took about 4 years to develop the games. It has been made from the year 2017 to 2020. The game grossed around $3 million in its first year of release. It has been the best of any video game.

Genshin Impact is a fantasy and open world game. The game has been of Teyvat, which is home to 7 different countries. This is the story of a traveler who is traveling to all countries with his twin brother. In the story, these two brothers and sisters get lost in Tevat.

genshine impact new code list 2022
genshine impact new code list 2022

Genshine Impact Code Generator

After that, he tries to find his siblings and gets involved in Teyvat’s issues.

name of game jenshin effect
Style Action, Open World, Role Play
developer mihoyo
the creator cai haoyu
device Unity
available on platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Play Station 4, Play Station 5
release date Android, PS4, Windows, iOS – 28th September 2022

play station 5 – 28th April 2021

mode Single-player as well as Multiplayer
earning $3 billion in the first year
official website

Jenshin Impact Working Code 2022

30. Toth March 2022, a new version of the game has been released. The new version brings with it several new updates to the characters as well as weapons and powers. With the new update, you will need to redeem new codes for versions 2.6 to claim the new program. There are 2 ways to redeem new codes. Here is the list of new codes

  • MS7C3SV8DMZH – 60 Primogems and Five Hero’s Wisdom
  • ZSPDKSC3V8V5 – 60 Primogems and Five Hero’s Wisdom
  • 9bpcjcqghawz – 60 primogems and five adventurers’ experiences
  • GENSHINGIFT – 50 Primogems and three Hero’s Wit (only works for new players)
  • AB7CKBVQULE5 – 100 Primogems and Ten Enhancement Ore
  • 3TPUKSV8C5X9 – 100 Primogems and the Wisdom of the Five Heroes
  • UT7C2TD8C5ZD – 100 PrimoGems and 50000 Mora

jenshin impact gift code 2022

Steps to redeem Genshine Impact 2.6 Code:

  • First of all you have to visit Genshin Impact official website.
  • Now log in to the website by using your login details and clicking on the login button.
  • Now choose your server and enter your name which is set up in-game.
  • Now copy the code from the list and click on Redeem button.
  • Now go to your mail and open Genshin Impact to get the reward and enjoy.

Another way to redeem Genshin Impact 2.6:

  • Open Genshin Impact Game and log in using your details.
  • Now in Menu and then in Settings.
  • Then click on Account and click on Redeem Now.
  • Copy a code from the list and paste it in the box shown in-game.
  • Press the Exchange button to claim rewards.

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