Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme Registration 2022 Fibre/फाइबर स्कीम Status

The central government of India has come up with a new scheme home fiber plan Registration 2022. Under this scheme, the government is going to connect the villages of all the states with the internet. As a result of this scheme, the government has to promote another campaign name as Making of Digital India. This will also increase employment for the people in different states.

PM Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme Registration 2022

Hello friends. Today we will talk about the mouth run by the Prime Minister Modi government across the country. In times of trouble, those people and the Prime Minister of Gram Panchayats plan till home To the couple of 2022. Anyone who is applying to apply can also do so from the internet over the internet.

If PM Ghar Tak Yojana 2022 is canceled then it is not suitable for you. To join this scheme, the Government of India has started the facility of communication center. Can register.

PM Ghar Tak Fiber Apply Online

You can also register yourself in the first online portal through the doctor. Visit the website completely completely. Such is the prime minister who has established himself.

To make this Yogana successful, the contribution of Secretary Sewa Kanda is included. To work in perfect working condition for the plan. Which is being done very effectively for the progress of the country. In the same situation, 60 villages were included by the Prime Minister of our country on the 74th day. It is not detailed yet.

PM Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme Portal
PM Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme Portal

PM Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme Form 2022

Highlights of Ghar Tak Scheme:

  • The main objective of the scheme is that the village will have to join this scheme to start connecting with the internet facility.
  • Prime Minister, this scheme has started from Bihar. This has been done even better.
  • Get the facility of internet of more than 45 thousand fast speed from Aaj Tak plan.
  • Similar work service is available for smooth running of the scheme. Get to this village easily.
  • Now with the help of the scheme, home settings home… BPO, online education, extension of facility will also be better to implement this scheme and it will also work together.
scheme name Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme 2022
Surat’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
Department Electronics and Information Technology Technology
Under Indian government
from which state did you originate Bihar Pradesh
benefits of the scheme To offer speed internet facility in every rural area of ​​the country
Year 2022
beneficiary resident of india
official website is accidental

PM Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme Status 2022

Now over a period of 5 years the project may vary up to 1.5 lakhs. The timing of marriage will be decided by joining with the intention. Tired in times like these. But the work of this Yogana had to be shaken very slowly, due to which it could not be successful.

Benefits of fiber scheme till home:

  • home home
  • People who are profitable for home, they will now be better for their products with the help of internet.
  • Cancel to effectively complete the working action will do such a meeting in such a schedule.
  • Information related to Internet facility and more information and personal information To get higher education.
  • People who are financially busy and people who are troubled in any way by unexpected will help in making a better one.
  • Internet is similar to internet connection for electricity bills. People of rural areas were getting this facility.

Now in this mode the mind-boggling planning will start. Thus, we set out to transform this product. With this scheme, India’s mission of Digital India should be met everywhere in the village.

Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme Official Website

How to apply Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme Online 2022?

  • To visit the portal, one will go to your website.
Fiber to PM Ghar State Wise
Fiber to PM Ghar State Wise
  • Now you will register on the home page of the official website.
  • Now click on this link. You have your applications.
  • Complete information such as name of the complainant, age, gender, date of birth, mobile number etc.
    The photo card is also displayed with support.
  • Join us now.
  • After clicking on the button at last jail the application form.

Make sure it will be done after the registration process. To add the status of your application to proceed this.

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