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Happy Holi Quotes in Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu language fonts are discussed here. Holi game for family, friends, dear. The festival of Holi is also known as the festival of colors and love and spring. The festival of Holi celebrates the victory of good over evil and the various stories associated with the festival. Holi also celebrates the story of the Hindu god Krishna and Holika and Prahlad. get happy holi in hindiBengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu language fonts. Also read complete stories related to the festivals of Holi.

happy Holi

Holi marks the beginning of spring. Playing and throwing colors at each other is the main event of the festival. Happy Holi in Marathi Font, Tamil Font, Telugu Font, Bengali Font, Malayalam Font and in English Language.

About the festival of Holi – Dear friends, Holi is a Hindu festival to celebrate spring, love and new life. Some families do religious activities, but for many, it is more for fun and celebration. The festival of Holi is a colorful festival, with singing, dancing, throwing colors (power paint and colored water). Holi marks the end of winter and the beginning of the spring season. It is usually celebrated in March and Holi in 2022 starts from Friday 18 March 2022.

happy holi quotes

Story of Holi Festival – Holi celebrates the story of the Hindu god Krishna and Holika and Prahlad. Usually during Holi festival light a bonfire and roast popcorn, grains, coconut and chickpeas on fire. And the next day people (friends/family) throw colors on each other. happy holi in hindiEnglish Telugu Malayalam Tamil Marathi Languages ​​Fonts for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram

Hiranakashipu was an evil king with special powers and he wanted everyone in his kingdom to worship him. And he began to act like a good one and punished those who disobeyed him. He has a son named Prahlad and he started disobeying his father and worshiped his father instead. So that his father planned to kill him. Hiransakahippu then asked his sister Holika to help him kill Prahlad. Holika had a special cloak which protected her from fire. He planned to set Prahlad on fire. So she uses a cloak for evil. The plan failed. Holika flew off the cloak and protected Prahlad. Prahlad was safe and Lord Vishu defeated the evil king. Hence Hindus light bonfire during the festival of Holi to represent the victory of good over evil.

Happy Holi HD Images 2022
Happy Holi HD Images 2022

happy holi in hindi

Gul has handed over Gulfam from Gulshan
All India Radio has reported,
happy holi festival
Strategy is a message from the heart.

spring break,
It rained red
Happy Holi festival.

The beauty of Mathura, Gokul Qadri

The fragrance of Vrindavan, the rain of rain,

Radha’s hope, Kanha’s love

Happy Holi festival.


Radha’s color and Kanha’s pichkari

Color two seasons with the colors of love

This color does not know, no caste, no word

Congratulations, colors vary.


happy holi in english

May God shower colors of success, prosperity and health on you and your family,

And fill every moment with love and happiness, wishing you all the very best !!! Happy Holi!!!

God bless you with all the colors of life, colors of happiness, colors of happiness,

Colors of friendship, colors of love, and any color you want to paint in your life.

Have a wonderful Holi!

Holi is a great time to break the ice, rekindle relationships,

And build relationships with the people you care about through the use of color.

, Happy Holi 2022!!!

Hearty congratulations to you and your loved ones.

Forget all your worries and enjoy this day to the fullest.

, Happy Holi!!!

happy holi in tamil

, , . !!!

. , . !!!

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happy holi in telugu

.. ు .. ుు …

ు.. …

ు ుుున్నారా

happy holi in marathi

hochya heart good wishes and messages

Love, joyful, cordial and trust will be colored
Rangit hoti and dhulivanandanachaya thy hortech good luck!!!

Holichya in the middle of the holy fire,
sadness, poverty, hope
yangche chulha hovo and
Sarvanchya ayushayat anand yevo,
Happiness, peace and health benefits,
Best wishes!!!

Ali Ray Ali, Holi Ali
Come on, today will be petuya
dissatisfied… moli
dakhvun navdy
Maruya laughs…
hoti re hoti oldchi poi
Karuan Ain Sajri
Hichya Heart Good luck!!!

Color Prematch, Color Snehacha
Rang Natiacha, Rang Banzacha
Color Harshacha, Rang Ulhascha
Rang Navya Utsava Saajra Karu Holi Sange
Hichya Heart Good luck!!!

happy holi in bengali

া লা লি ; লো াই মনে লি ; মেতে া ান াই . লযাত্রার Happy Holi to all of you!!

“রং মোর্মে ল মা ল মে ল”~ লের মন , াণ . লযাত্রা লির া ল !!

লকে ানা লপূর্ণিমা লির া ; লের মন , . “Bamboo, াা ায় ান- া ায় া ান-আমা ারা া া-া া !! লকে ানা লযাত্রা লি া .

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