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Rajasthan state government has launched new portal to deal with unemployment in the state. This scheme was launched by the Chief Minister in 2019. The name of the portal under the scheme is Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal, This scheme will provide employment opportunities to the unemployed youth of the state. Details about the purpose, features, benefits, eligibility criteria, documents required and process to apply for the scheme will be discussed in this article, read the article till the end to collect all the necessary information about the scheme.

Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal Registration 2022

Unemployment is a big problem in India. The unemployment rate has increased over the years, with many states in India taking steps to reduce the unemployment rate. The state government of Rajasthan has started a new scheme which will help in increasing the employment rates in the state. Entrepreneurs and start-ups will benefit under this scheme.

The state government will provide online registration through Rajasthan Udyog Mitra portal, in which the citizens of the state can start their business by registering on the portal. This portal was started by the Rajasthan State Government under MSME. The registration process for new businesses and start-ups has been simplified to boost employment in the state.

Rajasthan Udyog Mitra New Registration 2022

Unemployed youth of the state can easily get jobs through start-ups. There are many talented people in the state but due to unemployment they are not getting the right job. Startups and entrepreneurs can register their business under this portal. The process of registration will be faster and will not involve red tape.

Key Features of Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal – The Chief Minister of Rajasthan has launched the Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal for the citizens of the state. The beneficiaries of this portal will be unemployed youth of the state. The registration for Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal was started in 2019 by the Government of Rajasthan. The tag line for the portal is “Government’s hand with entrepreneur”.

Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Apply New Enterprise
Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Apply New Enterprise

Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Login Portal

Objective of the plan

The main objective of Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal is to tackle the problem of unemployment. Unemployment is a weed to a growing economy. The youth of a country is its biggest resource, but it is sad when it is unable to produce anything due to lack of resources and unemployment. One of the best ways to reduce the unemployment rate is to promote self-employment in the state.

This year has seen 38 unicorn start-ups in India which is more than the combined unicorn start-ups in the past decade. There is a need to encourage the importance of self-employment. The youth of India are talented but they need help and proper approach from the government. Relaxation of rules and procedures for registration of start-ups will go a long way. More start-ups will create more jobs in the country. Flexible registration methods will help encourage new entrepreneurs to have a great day.

Plan Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal
below Rajasthan State Government
check online Raj Udyog Mitra New Enterprise Apply Online
official portal rajudyogmitra.rajasthan.gov.in
beneficiaries Resident of Rajasthan State

Raj Udyog Mitra Portal to Apply Online

Benefits of Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal –

The various benefits of Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal are-

tackle the problem of unemployment Unemployment can be reduced by promoting self-employment. If new business is encouraged in the economy, then the problem of unemployment can be tackled. The state government should make efforts to invite new businesses and entrepreneurs. With the successful implementation of this portal, unemployed youth of the state will get employment.

Encouraging new businesses and enterprises Those who want to start their own business will be immensely benefited through this scheme as the process of registering for a start-up has become easier now. This will encourage people to open their own business as the registration process has become easier now. Easy registration process and reduction in red tape.

Relaxation of laws- The laws regarding registration of businesses have been relaxed. Earlier the laws were very strict and people were discouraged to register their start-ups. The state government should give publicity about the portal and businessmen should also be told the importance of the portal.

Rajasthan MSME Registration Online

Eligibility Criteria of Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal

The eligibility criteria while applying for the portal are as follows-

  • Domicile of Rajasthan – The person applying or registering under the Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal must be a permanent resident of Rajasthan. If a person who is not resident in Rajasthan applies for the scheme then it will not be valid.
  • entrepreneur – Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal is applicable only for new businesses or start-ups. If someone’s business is already registered under MSME then he cannot register under Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal. A person also cannot renew under Rajasthan Portal as they are already registered under MSME Ordinance 2019. The discount is only for new enterprises or new businesses.
  • Enterprises applying after the announcement of the portal – After the announcement of Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal the applicants registered under MSME Ordinance 2019 can renew their registration in such a way that they can register under the scheme.

Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Apply Online

Documents required for the scheme

The documents required for the scheme are as follows-

  • Aadhar card
  • Bank account information
  • valid mobile number
  • domicile certificate
  • age certificate
  • passport size photograph
  • income certificate
  • Caste certificate, if any
  • educational qualification certificate

Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal Helpline Number

If you face any problem while registering on the portal then you can dial the helpline number 0141-2227274 or 7812/7713. You can also email your queries on the official portal.

Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Application Form 2022

How to apply for Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal?

The registration process to apply for the portal is very simple and easy to follow. Follow the steps below for the complete details of the application process-

  • All interested and eligible entrepreneurs can apply under the MSME Ordinance 2019 by visiting the official website of the portal.
Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Registration Online
Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Registration Online
  • On the home page of Rajasthan Udyog Mitra Portal, click on Om Sign Up on the right side of the page.
  • Now you will be redirected to Rajasthan SSO ID Portal. If you have already registered for the scheme, you can log in using the credentials. If you are registering for the first time then register yourself on that page.
  • Once you are registered you can register your business on the portal by logging into the portal using your login details and fill the online application form.

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